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Filmmaker - Director | Producer

Filmmaker with a passion for storytelling as a Director and Producer. I am originally from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and have been involved in the film industry since early 2010. I bring a fresh perspective to every project and as an actor myself, I love the challenge of working with artists, helping them achieve great, authentic performances. If you have any questions, or would like to collaborate together on a project, please get in touch.


"Next Train From Castlemaine"
"Next Train from Castlemaine" - Short Film (2018).
"Stalling" Short Film
"The Girl with One Eyelash"
"The Girl with One Eyelash" - Documentary (2018).
"Commander Sam"
"Commander Sam" - Short Film (2017).
"Shook" - Music Video
"Shook" - Music Video (2017).
"Hardened" - Short Film (2018).
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In Finnish, it means 'journey'.

As a collective, we came together at film school with a shared vision of making film and video content that touched people’s hearts, challenged their thinking and opened their minds.


We are a small crew with a wealth of experience and passion to bring to your project. And we do it with a unique feeling of shared purpose and ‘family’. How can we help you achieve your goals?


Behind the Scenes

BTS - Next Train From Castlemaine
Lighting Workshop
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If you would like to collaborate, please get in touch by filling out the form or contact me directly.

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