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A Day in a Mother's Life

Documentary / Taival Production (2019). Production Manager

A Day in a Mother's Life_edited.png

A day in a Mother’s life is a poetic documentary that tells a story of a mother going through her everyday life. The documentary explores the day in a mother’s life - having
her children with her every moment of every day, even when they’re not together.

The short poetic documentary will begin its festival tour shortly, but you can watch the trailer above soon.


Crew & Cast:

Amy Harris

Willow Madden

Director & Producer - Heidi Ylä-Ajos
Production Manager - Melisa Visca 
DOP - Monique Bettello
Sound Recordist - Elizabeth "Z" Munro & Timothy Knowles 

Sound Designer &  Audio mix - Timothy Knowles

Production Company: Taival Films

Special thank you:

Australian Ballet Company

SAE Creative Media Institute

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