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Short Film (2018). Director.

Hardened is the story of Russel - A fifty-something father and concreter working day-to-day as a foreman. Despite having recently separated from his wife of twenty years, Russell still holds hope of returning back home. But this may not be possible unless he can overcome years of emotional detachment from his wife and teenage son.


After the abrupt and unforeseen suicide of his seemingly carefree best-friend; the tightly controlled rhythm of Russell’s daily life begins to unravel. Propelling him further towards an emotional breakdown - as he seeks human connection to escape his grief. Threatening to finally dismantle the mask of hardness he’s been wearing for years and reveal his complete vulnerability in front of those he loves.


What follows is a compelling and timely examination of the nature of toxic masculinity - passed from generation to generation and how it can shape our lives.

The short film is now on its festival tour, but you can watch the trailer above soon.

IMG_0808 - Copy.JPG

Crew & Cast:

Russel - Andrew Brown
Travis - Jeremy Just
Alison - Brigitte Jarvis
Tracey - Jacinda McLaughlin
Josh - Charles Russell
Stan - John Flaus

Director - Melisa Visca
Screenwriter & DOP - Jordan Montgomery
Producer & 1st AD  - Heidi Ylä-Ajos
Producer & Production Designer - Natalie Mason
Set Decorator - Mollie Traynor
Gaffer & 2nd AC - Liam Fouracre
Set Decorator & Grip - Mollie Traynor
Sound Recordist - Daniel Robbins & Sudharshan Hariharan
Sound Designer - Bianca Molini & Jeremy Tang
Music Composer - Michael Alvey
Colourist - Syaheed Ismail
Editor & Continuity - Khalid Naim
Additional editing - C.K Michael


Special thank you: 

SAE Creative Media Institute, Melbourne

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