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"Shook" Music Video

Music Video / Taival Production (2017). Production Designer

Daniel Elia is a emerging rapper living in Melbourne.  His hip-hop driven music is a force of intuitively written, conceptual raps over unique instrumentals. "Shook" tells a story about  the struggle a young immigrant faces in Melbourne and how the society around them creates a stereotypical racial stigma of people based on their skin colour and their looks.

Crew & Cast:

​Artist: Daniel Elia

Record Label: ALIA Records

Lady Justice - Anyuop Dau

Daniel's friend - Richard Lominded

Blind Man - Neil Waugh

Extras - Kurt Moser, Blair McMillan, Brayden Lewtas


Director - Jordan Montgomery

Director of Photography - Liam Fouracre

Producer & 1st Assistant Director -Heidi Ylä-Ajos

Co-Producer - Daniel Robbins

Production Designer - Melisa Visca

On-Set Audio Technician - Eric Boavida

On-Set Sound Recordist - Sudharsan Hariharan

Editor - C.K. Michael & Jordan Montgomery

Colourist - Syaheed Ismail


Production Company: Taival Films

Special thank you: 

SAE Creative Media Institute Melbourne,

Adam Quaife, Mike Kendall

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