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Short Film / Taival Films Production (2020). Executive Producer

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"Stalling" is a coming of age short film about Eva who upon the discovery that everyone on the planet has suddenly disappeared, decides that the only rational solution is to jump off a cliff. Frankie makes her question this decision, forcing her to come to terms with her fear of being vulnerable and her need to belong.

"Stalling" was created as part of Future Creatives Initiative - An Initiative that was created to support Women in film in Australia. The initiative is supported by the Melbourne Women in Film Festival and the film produced will be premiered at the 2020 MWFF. 

The short film is now on its festival tour, but you can watch the trailer above.

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Crew & Cast:

Camille Gerrard as Eva

Perry Moon as Frankie

Director - Olivia Altavilla

Writer - Nik James
Producer - Georgie Davies
DOP - Nicoletta Centofanti
Camera Assistants - (1st) Rianna Valdes & (2nd) Kevin Cheong
1st AD - Clare Wood
Production Managers - Jemma Douglas & George McFarlane

Production Assistants - Zemmy Lee & Samantha Phelps

Production Designer - Hayley James & Phoebe Giffard (Assist)
Sound Recordist - Isabella Pelle & Jan Wong

Sound Designer & Audio mix - Mig Artugue
Editor - Louise Mullins

Editor Assistant - Kate McDonald

Colourist - James Mitchell

VFX Artist - Monty Burgess

Post-production Supervisor: C.K.Michael

Script Editor: Scout Cripps

Production Company: Taival Films

Executive/Creative Producers: Heidi Yla-Ajos, Melisa Visca, C.K.Michael

Special thank you:

Melbourne Women in Film Festival

Offshoot Rentals

SAE Creative Media Institute

Mig Artugue

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