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Women in the Australian Film Industry

The number of women in creative roles within the Australian film industry has grown over the years, but not by a significant amount.

We’re talking to Melisa Visca, an actor based in Sydney and a filmmaker from Taival Films, about the film industry today and how women can shape their voices within it. 


Graduate duo bring drama to the global film circuit

Film graduates Melisa Visca and Heidi Ylä-Ajos are taking the international film scene by storm through their production company, Taival Films and their collection of emotionally charged documentaries and dramas.



Short Film: Next Train from Castlemaine - From SAE to the world

While Director Melisa Visca was a Bachelor Of Film student at SAE Institute in Melbourne, she began work on a film called 'Next Train From Castlemaine' – which has now gone on to be selected for film festival programmes around the world.


Short Film of the Week: Next Train from Castlemaine

Australia treasure John Flaus is phenomenal in director Melisa Visca and screenwriter Heidi Ylä-Ajos's beautiful short film, made whilst still studying at SAE. 


Are you a Female Future Creative?

Taival Films has launched the Future Creatives Initiative in partnership with Melbourne Women in Film Festival (MWFF).

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