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Inspiring people has become paramount to my creative voice.

Originally from the Gold Coast, and now based in Sydney, Australia, I have since traveled to develop my craft as a storyteller; both as a filmmaker and an actor.

In 2018, I graduated with a Bachelor of Film Production from SAE Creative Media Institute in Melbourne, Australia and in 2015, I graduated from the Howard Fine Acting Studio. Since then, I have continued my acting training extensively and undertaken further graduate studies of Creative Industries to expand my understanding of my creative process and our industry. 

In 2017, I co-founded Taival Films, a production company with a vision to develop stories with meaning, showcasing the beauty of human connection, which lead us to create the Future Creatives Initiative (2018); a campaign to give a voice to women filmmakers and creators. 

My passion lays in acting, directing, and producing and my goal as an advocate is to broaden my understanding of how my own skills, experience and ambition can further generate equality within the industry. I aspire to tell empowering stories that leave an impact on the world through cinema and television. ​

My hopes for the Film Industry
What Inspires Me
What drew me to the Film Industry

- Melisa Visca

“What inspires me to keep going, keep doing what I love to do, in this industry specifically, is inspiring the people around me to embrace their talent and do what they love the most”

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